antithesis in to be or not to be soliloquy

Stress the words that describe the opposing ideas. In the line. To be, or not to be: that is the question the opposition is between to BE or. NOT to be. The entire soliloquy is constructed of Hamlet's arguments for and against killing himself. The idea is so repugnant to him that he can only express it impersonally. He doesn't say
Hamlet considers the important question of “to be, or not to be.” In this line, he is considering the very nature of existence itself. Though the line is quite simple in form it contrasts these very important opposite states. Hamlet sets up his soliloquy with this antithesis and continues with others, including the contrast between
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This speech contains a terse thesis-antithesis in the first line: to be (thesis) or not to be (antithesis) and the rest of the speech fleshes out those two ideas. .... In his famous soliloquy, young Hamlet is merely weighing his options, to take arms against a sea of troubles or suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy uses several metaphors, including "to suffer/ The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune." In this metaphor, fortune is compared to an army that throws arrows at one. The next metaphor is "to take arms against a sea of troubles,/ And, by opposing, end them?" In this metaphor, which
Polar Opposites (Antithesis). * An important rhetorical device Shakespeare uses in Hamlet's soliloquy is antithesis, or balance of opposites. Hamlet explores a series of oppositional relationships in his speech (ie: To be, or not to be). * Now think of the antonym for the following words. Word. Opposite. Oppression. Action.
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